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HEX: Hollow Earth The Great Exhibition
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Victorian Gaslamp fantasy adventure
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1 day
Christine Vean, Jennifer Ekren
Riveting LARP

Join us on this one day Hollow Earth Victorian Gaslamp Fantasy Larp Adventure in Trondheim (Norway) October 17th 2020 inspired by "Journey to the Centre of the Earth" by Jules Verne.

HEX: The Great Exhibition is a Nordic Style Larp and is both a stand-alone larp event as much as it concludes HEX Letter Larp. This means that your character was either part of the 4 year expedition into Hollow Earth or that your character is interested in the expedition and exhibition in some way.

HEX: The Great Exhibition is open to international players. We have 50 player character tickets and 10 staff tickets available. You need to be 18 to participate.

We will do a casting based on player diversity.

You will be able to play your HEX Letter Larp character if you want to. Participation in the letter larp does not guarantee a place in The Great Exhibition.

HEX is Gaslamp Fantasy (also known as Gaslight Fantasy). Where Steampunk is deeply rooted in sci-fi with industry, steam and clockwork as important elements, Gaslamp is connected to Historical Fantasy with magical, mythical and fantastical elements, themes and subjects in a late 19th/early 20th century setting.

Its an alternative Our World in 1895. Everything appears as it does in our real world history books, but if you dig a little deeper you encounter bigger-than-life heroes, exotic places, strange, mysterious villains and secret societies and organizations, all of whom have a vested interest in the Hollow Earth.

The world on the surface of the earth (topside) will be Victorian semi-historical. We will not be sticklers for historical accuracy, but do require some effort to be made when it comes to costumes and props. The Hollow Earth itself is where the fantastical elements of our setting will be found.

Since HEX isn?t historically accurate we have opted for a LGBTQ+ friendly and accepting society. All genders are equal and sexual diversity is a fact. Women can do whatever men can do. Discrimination against gay and gender-diverse people, be they trans and/or non-binary, is not socially accepted and not allowed on HEX.

There will be no play on imperialism, instead we will focus on class. It is still a class divided society but it is independent of race, gender, sexuality and religion. You still need to get married to secure your privilege and position but the gender of your chosen one (or even ones) doesn?t matter.

HEX: The Great Exhibition begins right in the middle of a two day festive event hosted by the The Royal Norwegian Society of Sciences and Letters in October 1895. We open the game onto the second day of the exhibition where we will celebrate the heroes and their findings of Hollow Earth! Rivalries will flourish, wits and sharp tongues battle, evildoers will skulk in the shadows and people will dress up for this year?s main event!

The findings from Hollow Earth are provided by you the players. Especially if your character was part of an expedition team. But this is not only a larp for creative wizards! You will be able to choose between 3 craftmanship levels options during sign up.

HEX: The Great Exhibition is an extravagant red carpet event! We will serve bubbles and canapes when you arrive, Afternoon Tea and a banquet in the evening.

All characters will be written by us (if you play your letter larp character it will be further developed by us to better fit with the rest of the larp). All characters belong to one of these six Archetypes: Benefactors, Explorers, Crewmen, Academics, Cultural Elites or Secret Societies.

We are looking for a photographer for this event.

Our website is updated with everything you need to know about HEX: The Great Exhibition. Please contact us if you have any questions.

HEX: The Great Exhibition
50 players + 10 staff
When: October 17th 2020
Where: Trondheim, Norway (its in the middle of the town center)

Tickets: 1000 NOK in two installments for player characters. We are looking into the potential to offer subsidised player tickets at a reduced rate. Staff tickets are free of charge.

Sign up is open from October 2019 and will stay open until March 1st 2020. This is not a "first come, first served" event.

We hope you join the Riveter Girls on this adventure!

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