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Hello In There - Stavanger
Arr. type:
Skolevollen 17, 4017 Stavanger, Norge
Ønsket ant. delt:
Mellom 8 og 10
Faktisk ant. delt:
Dato/tid for start:
Dato/tid for slutt:
Ca 4 timer
Katherine Rosland, Gaute Våje

This is a re-run of the chamber larp, 'Hello in There'. designed to be run in English.

The organizers attended the first playtest of this larp at Spillerom, in Trondeim, this past winter, and had a truly amazing experience. We therefore want to set it up again here in Stavanger to let others have a try as well. Spread the love, so to say ♥

"Hello In There"
A larp by Kjell Hedgard Hugaas
Inspired by a song by John Prine
Playtime: 4 hours
Number of players: 8 - 10*
First played: Trondheim 2019
(*It is recommended to sign up in pairs, though this is not a requirement. It is not recommended that you sign up with a life partner)
Cost: 100,- NOK

This larp is monogamy normative. This is purely for reasons of playability and to keep close to the inspiration for the larp. It is not meant to be an endorsement for lifelong monogamy or a comment on any other way of organizing your relations and love life.
We are exploring a specific experience related to aging. The designer of this larp is very aware that old age does not have to be like this and that there are a lot of happy stories to tell too. For this larp though, loss and loneliness are the main themes, and as such that is what we are focussing on.

About the LARP:
?Hello in there? is a larp about growing old, our bodies becoming frail and our minds fraying. It's an attempt at making us better situated to understand, and maybe even prepare us in some way, for the challenges that will eventually follow for many of us. It's not a larp that is meant to be comedic or funny beyond the way that ordinary life itself can be. In essence, let the character be the one laughing, not the player.

You are playing a circle of friends that formed when you all moved into the same neighborhood during 1970-71. Some of you may have been friends longer, but the group as a whole did not come together in this configuration until fairly recently. You are all aged somewhere between 30-40. Some of you might be married, some might have kids, some might be straight, some queer. You are couples that are intertwined with one another in ways that lead you to keep in some kind of contact with each other as the years pass. The majority of play will, however, be within the couples themselves.

Info about signup:
The number of players for the larp is required to be even, and you will be grouped into couples. It is advised, though not required, to sign up with someone you are comfortable with, but it is not a good idea to sign up with a life partner.
Also, the larp will be played in English, so you should feel at least somewhat comfortable with the language. (Don't worry, we are all insecure about our own language skills. :) )
The larp will cost 100,- NOK to insensitivise attendance and will be used for light snacks.
When enough players have signed up, we will send out an email with payment information. Signup is not official until after payment is received.

Check out the inspiration: :)

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