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Zero Point
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Laiven handler om en liten gruppe vitenskapsfolk som skal etterforske en mystisk hendelse på oppdrag fra verdens mektigste megakorporasjon.
Oslo teatersenter
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8 timer
Dmitry Samus, Julia Palamarchuk, Erlend Sand Bruer
Fantasiforbundet, Blackbox Deichmann

You are a hastily assembled group of experts, all employees of the Orochi Group - the most powerful corporation on Earth. Something terrible has happened at Laboratory 16 on Easter Island. You don?t know yet what happened or why, but you have access to the one person who survived the incident. Unfortunately, she is in a coma. The Orochi group has given you the task of restoring her memories in order to investigate the incident in detail, using a hyper-advanced device called the Eidolon machine. You have the necessary knowledge, resources,and technology. What could possibly go wrong?


Zero Point is a sci-fi psychological thriller larp for 9 players. It combines pre-made audio and video, mystery-solving and a rich science-fiction/horror setting. Players will alternate between playing the investigators and characters from the survivor?s memories.

The larp has been run dozens of times in Ukraine, and once in Belarus - but never before in Scandinavia.

This larp is for you if you like science fiction, cosmic horror, solving puzzles and exploring a pre-written narrative. It may not be for you if you like having full control over how your character?s story turns out, or if you like happy endings.

The larp will be run by Dmitry Samus and Julia Palamarchuk. Dmitry Samus is a Ukrainian cinematographer and larp designer. He?s worked with larp for 15 years and professionally with film for 7 years. Julia Palamarchuk is a project manager and larp producer, organizing larps in Ukraine for 13 years.

The larp is designed by Dmitry Samus and Vladislav Goldakovsky.

The larp is a fan project inspired by the Norwegian-made computer game The Secret World, but it?s not necessary to have any knowledge of this game to play. We have prepared a short introduction to the fiction and the characters here:


Participation cost: 400,- for people with full-time jobs / 200,- for others. This event is funded mainly by Black Box Deichmann and Fantasiforbundet, and ticket income is used to pay for travel and lodging for the Ukrainian designer and producer.

Preparations: Low. Players are expected to read 1-4 pages of text sent a few days before the larp, in addition to the introduction (link above). The larp does not use costumes, except for lab coats that certain characters wear. We will provide these. All other preparations will be done during the workshop on site.

Duration: 8 hours. The larp will be run from 10-18 on Saturday and from 12-20 on Sunday, including a preparatory workshop.

Language: The larp will be hosted and played in English.

We will serve sandwiches and snacks during the larp.

The larp will take place in Oslo Teatersenter on Hovinveien 1, Tøyen. The venue is on the 3rd floor and there is unfortunately no elevator. We?ve rented ?Tvillingrom 2? -

The larp includes flashing lights.

Erlend Sand Bruer is handling the practical details for the larp, feel free to contact him with any questions.


Use this form to sign up:

Deadline is August 7.

We hope to welcome all interested participants. We will let you know on the evening of August 8 if you?ve gotten a spot.

For those of you who need to book travel to Oslo: On August 1 we will contact you and let you know if we can offer you a spot in advance of the deadline.

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